Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh the slackness!!!

*blush* Forgive me.......I have been terribly slack. I check my blog most days to look for new posts on the blogs I follow, but never make time to post on mine.

SO much has changed! Well it feels like it. I feel like my life is changing. Ben is now a big Prep boy. At school 5 days a week and he loves it. I know I'm going to be a typical bragging Mummy but my gosh he has learnt SO much in the last 3 weeks it's incredible! I have nothing but good things to say about his teacher!! He's now able to have a really good crack at his home readers and is running at about an 80% accuracy rate per page. He's using all his cues to decode the words without being prompted...he's just flying!! It's just amazing for me to see close up...I've done all the theory, I know all the procedures etc but to see it happening within your own little one is just amazing. He makes me so very proud, and the other day at his first ever assembly, Ben and his little girl friend (read not girlfriend, but friend who is a girl ;)) G were awarded the first Principal Awards in the class.....I thought I'd burst with pride!!!

My other life changing moment is that Chloe started Kindergarten this week!!! Off she trotted yesterday morning, in her tiny dress and jacket just as big as her dress and her big bag on her back and said "Bye Mum!!" all too keenly!! :) So Chloe is now a school girl too, on Mondays and Tuesdays. She was VERY tired after though!! Chloe had a late start to the school year, mainly because the school was having a new Kindergarten built. Of course it was finished behind schedule, and Mrs B only just moved into to it last Wednesday! It's a beautiful new room, complete with all the mod cons, they are all very lucky little Kinders! So here she is...how gorgeous does she look?? What a little Princess :)


Cat J B said...

Hello, welcome back to blogland :) They all look too cute for words, don't they grow up so fast?!

Essie said...

whoohoo Bec!!

BEC said...

Thanks Cat :) I need to blog more, and i'm really gonna try!!

Has been awesome to see you lately Essie too!

Lulu said...

omg they are all so PRECIOUS xoxo