Sunday, August 31, 2008

GNDNH starts tomorrow!!

Wooo!! I'm so excited! The Great Down Under Nappy Hunt starts tomorrow and it's my first hunt, I can't wait. The idea is to follow a list of online nappy stores and find the nappy icon on each site. There are prizes to be won and also of course the opportunity to visit many sites I would never have otherwise come across (bring on the I'm very excited.....eeeek!

today is a gorgeous sunny day, it's so warm I have the back door wide open. the kids are outside helping Daddy load up some stuff on to the ute to take to the tip and Jake is in bed so I'm on a mission to start clearing out the crap or so to speak. The house is is desperate need of a massive spring clean, there is just so much clutter. I've done Chloe's and mine clothes, now I'm onto toy boxes in preparation for the Christmas/Birthday onslaught. I've made the decision to be totally ruthless, no point keeping that toy we bought for Ben's 1st birthday that is now broken ;). Lotsa baby clothes to go too, they are so outdated and most were hand-me-downs to Ben.

Ok I'm off....wish me luck!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Mummy and Jake

Can you believe Jake is 5 months old?!!! I can't, it's flown by :( He's now rolling all over the floor (much to the kids disgust) and getting into all sorts of places. Three meals a day, chewing up rusks, grabbing at everything....where did my baby go? Breastfeeding is still going really well, I'm so glad I don't have to make up any more formula bottles :D. So here's a little pic from this morning when Jake and I were taking happy snaps. I think it's a half decent one of me at least, and as you can see Jake is trying to grab the camera.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank god the day is nearly over.....

Had an interesting day today. All was going ok, had a not-so-pleasant check up for my IUD, and headed into the hospital for some baby love from Noah and his Mummy. He is the cutest baby ever!! Had a lovely visit (forgot photos sorry!), got very clucky again, saw my wonderful Lactation Consultant and gave her a little thankyou card. Jake and i got back into the car and about 200m down the road, BAM!! I get into an accident. Nothing serious, just paint and dents but dammit!! And it turned out to be my fault. I was in the wrong lane.

Luckily yesterday was tons better, I got to catch up with Rae and Essie at Rae's new house. It was a really lovely place, I was very envious! ;) Toby is almost 2, and little Minol is looking fabulous after his surgery. He and Jake are so oblivious to one another, it's so funny! The kids LOVE Rae's cooking and Chloe ate up all her yummy lasagne for lunch and then we all tucked into some awesome Hedgehog slice. YUM! Ben and Chloe love it when they know Rae is doing sweets! I've got some pics of little Minol and Jake, they aren't great ones but you can see the boyz :P

Sunday, August 24, 2008


No pics this time guys, sorry. Just my thoughts.

Having a few problems with Benji lately. Something seems to be worrying him I just have no idea what. He's bursting into tears for nothing, is worrying about silly little things and is just REALLY out of character. I dunno what it is but it breaks my heart to see him like it. So sad and scared for no apparent reason. *sigh* What do I do?

We all got together yesterday at Mum's to clean out her garage so Hayley has room to put her crap when she moves back down in a few weeks. It was interesting to say the least! Mark found his lovely bone collection (which also included a lambs tail and some other type of tail!), Hayley found some toys she couldn't part with and I......I found some of my old High School letters. LOL, what a crack up! I even found some from a special friend who was in N.Z at the time......;) and I also found the ones DH used to send me all those years ago. Including THE letter, the break up letter he once sent me. Didn't work too well obviously! I'll be keeping that one for future reference, lol.

Got some lovely Itty Bitty's in the mail Friday, so beautiful. Will have to take pics and post them. They are seconds, but I haven't worked out why yet. Point is they are so lush I could just stroke Jake's butt all day! :D

What else.......umm.....oh I've been trying to knit too! All inspired by Robbo, mind you I've got a looooong way to go before I can do anything recognisable! I've managed about 15 rows of 5 stitches so far, not intended to be anything, just an experiment to see if I can not drop the stitches. So far so good. :P

I have a friend in the hospital at the moment having a baby. Well I hope so!! :) She was being induced yesterday here's hoping it's soon!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Bath Time!

The bath time pics are like the token baby pictures in our house. Each of the kids has a nice bath time picture taken when they are around 3-4 months old. Jake is 4 months in these so seeing as he's just turned 5 months old today they are a little old. But you can still see my spunky boy :) And yes...his ears are a little sticky-outtie, it's from my side of the family :P.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Our trip to Sheffield

We took a trip to the NW to Sheffield to catch up with friends and family. I need to get some pics of all the wooden toys the kids have scored off their Pa. He does the most amazing job! Anyway here is Ben and Chloe (and Dad) having a kick of the footy at half time.

And here are all the kids! Chloe, Kirstie, Jeremy, Jake and Ben. Kirstie and Jeremy and the children of good friends of ours. Jeremy will be 10 soon and Kirstie is 4. They all play so well together. Ben idolises Jeremy!

Crazy photos

Here are my crazy babies, always up for a crazy
photo or two. Ben is the resident photographer
more often than not taking photos of
Just as well Santa is looking at a Kids Digital
Camera for these two.....

Sunday Mornings

On a Saturday and Sunday morning hubby likes to read the paper.......with no interruptions! LOL...what a joke, as if! So here is a pic of hubby sharing the weekend paper with Jake.

Nappy stash

BumGenius Pockets. See the snaps on the front rise? That's how you adjust the nappy to fit bubs. The white on is set on the largest setting and the yellow on the smallest. The microfibre inserts are above and below, the top one is set on the smallest setting and the bottom one on the middle setting.

BG's See the hidden opening at the top? That's where you stuff in the inserts. :)

Bamboo Cute Tooshies with side snaps.....oh so soft!

Inside of the Cute Tooshies, the snap in booster which you tri-fold.

Left: BBH (Baby BeeHinds Hemp). Right: BBB (Baby BeeHinds Bamboo) Top and Bottom: Small and Large Snap in boosters.

BBH Wool Covers, inside is a tri-fold bamboo booster which I lay between the nappy and cover for extra absorbency. I use a BBB nappy and a cover and booster for an overnight nappy.

BBH PUL cover (in orange) and the bamboo booster tri-folded inside a BBH Wool cover.

I have had these photos for a while, I just keep forgetting to post them. I am really happy with my stash at the moment, I'm just waiting for some bigger fleece covers from Maz-a-licious to come. I now have 6 of my home-made Wee Wekas, 4 Cute Tooshies and 4 BBB (Baby BeeHinds Bamboo) and 4 BBH (Baby BeeHinds Hemp). These are my fitteds, which need waterproof covers over the top. I love these for value for money because they are OSFA, so will last Jake until he is out of nappies. I picked up a few of them on the Buy For Baby website which sells second-hand nappies.

My covers are serving me well! I am still using my BBH PUL and Wool wraps (in small), I am still able to use my Maz-a-licious blue dots minky cover and for when I have to I have some other fleece covers which I have pics of. I love the print on these covers ( I bought them off ebay) but I don't like the cut.....Maz-a-licious have a much better cut! I am also still using my Bummis PUL wraps. I bought most of these when Jake was a newborn so I'm pleased they are still being used.

Now that Jake is getting bigger I am using more AIO's (All-In-Ones) which are just that.....all-in-one! No nappy then cover.....just a nappy you put on and off you go. Great for babysitters and Dads! The big downfall for these here is Tassie is the drying times (as you can't pull the pieces out and dry them separately). The only TRUE AIO's I have are 2 BBH Magicalls and one Bitty D'Lish (oh so lush!!! I have to post a pic of this one, I looooove this one!!!). HOWEVER, I am in love with AI2's (All-In-Two's) and the wonderful Pocket Nappy. These both have the absorbent layer that you remove when you wash it so it has a faster drying time. For Pocket Nappies I have a Greenkids, 3 BumGenius', and one Baby Kanga. I only have pics of the BG's but the concept is all the same. These are also OSFA so great value for money. I actually bought the BG's for Chloe when she was still in nappies. My AI2's I bought for Ben actually in the hopes they would work on him overnight (he is STILL in night naps...) but they didn't contain the wee. So I have 2 Dragonfly Magiks which I will post pics of later too.....these are really great trim little nappies, even if they do come from the US.


Somehow or rather the kids discovered Chopsticks. We found some at the supermarket and the just had to test out the "Chinese Sticks" on some noodles.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Update

Ok so I have been absent for a long time now! First my pc died, and then I changed ISP so it's been a while. I have all these ideas for posts but I am yet to install all the gear I need to upload my photos etc. Hubby has a couple of days holidays so I hope to get it all up and running soon. We have been very busy, and now Jake is almost 5 months old! He is rolling over and eating Weetbix for brekkie and a big bowl of veggies for tea. We have also been busy has taken us around 8 weeks but we have gone from no milk and having around 800ml formula a day to only needing around 150ml formula a day. Apparantly this is quiet a feat and not many people achieve it so I'm quite proud to say we have. Would have been much easier to just keep BF in the first place....but you live and learn. Hope to catch you all up soon.