Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Snaps

I went in to check on Jake in bed and this is what I found! All smiles! lol

And this is a pic of Jake in his Hug-A-Bub wrap. Best damn thing I EVER bought!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chloe's Crash!

Last week Chloe had a rather spectacular crash in the hallway. It was one of those accidents where I was really too scared to look and see the damage! Luckily she got out of it realtively unscathed...it could have been SO much worse! She was being a silly bugger in the hallway (we have floorboards) with her favourite plastic cup when she tripped over the skateboard (which belongs in the middle of the hallway of course!) and smashed the cup in her face. The cup is all smashed now in pieces and she really is lucky it didn't cut her more. Although she looked rather interesting for a few days......lol. The photos just don't do justice to the beautiful array of colours in her bruising!

The morning after......

A couple of days after.....

And the second has made it......

I'm so slack on this blogging....it took me a week to get back here. I've got some nappy shots, so bear with me!

My first homemade nappy turned out ok, as you know but it kinda fell apart in the wash *blush*. I guess that's what you get when you use flanelette that's already pretty worn out! As it was based on a Pookey Pockets Quickdry Newborn I took some pics of these also so you get the idea. These nappies are fitteds, with no snaps or hook and loop, so they are Snappied. They still need a waterproof cover over the top ;)

And here is my nappy over the top of one of the Pookey Pockets. Not a bad job if I say so myself!

You can see in the first pic that the flannelette frayed away from the edge in one spot. So DD's 'baby' doll has inherited this nappy. But that's ok, onwards and upwards! I cut out another nappy the other night, this time from old jammies that aren't quite so thin! So we'll see how that one goes once I get a chance to sew it. I need to get onto it though as Jake has hit the 5kg mark at 10 weeks old and these cute little numbers really don't fit so well anymore. I'm so glad I have my stash of prefolds to fall back on, and I have 6 small size covers of various brands which are only really just starting to fit and get a good seal now. So my tip here would be, definitely make sure you have prefolds in your stash somewhere, they really are handy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The first blog

My first blog and here it is. I don't know that I have anything terribly interesting to offer but needed a place to share my joy of MCN with. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, it is Modern Cloth Nappies. I am in love with and addicted to fluff....it is true. I'm only sorry it took me until the last bub to discover it. Now all my MCN efforts and stashes will go to waste.... :( BUT bub is a mere 8 weeks old so I have many joyous months ahead of me discovering more about MCN....YAY!!! Other than MCN I intend to blog about my everyday life based here at home with the kidlets. These are my babies...

Ben (4), Jacob and Chloe (3).

The last few days I have been taking a few snaps of the fluff I have accumulated thus far. I received last week some Maz-a-licious fleece covers which are just gorgeous and excellently priced too!

Funky little pirates....

Oh so soft blue dot minkee....

And bright green swirly minkee!

Yesterday (with a LOT of help from Mum!) I actually sewed my first fitted nappy.....WHOOOT! For anyone who knows me at all, they will know how challenged I am at such activities. So, this is a huge achievement for me. I made it from my own pattern, based on a Pookey Pockets Quick Dry Newborn nappy and it worked! Needs a bit of adaptation along the back, needs to be higher as it would not contain any poo-splosions but on the whole not a bad first effort! I made it from an old towel for the outer, bamboo fleece for the hidden inner and old flannelette jammies for the inner. Figured I'd best use recycled materials for the experimental phase! Will post pics next time.

Hoping to have a crack at making some more soon, I just need to get the time. Quite a joke really in my house.....I can dream though.