Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is Jake's little custom tee that Ess made for Jake when he was born. Before Jake was Jake, he was Bubbles :D

We are Geelong!

These are our little Cats supporters.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jake chatting with Daddy

Thanks to Sarah's wonderful idea of using youtube I was able to upload the video of Jake talking to Daddy a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jake is 3 months and look at what he can do......

Jake was 3 months old yesterday and he finally decided to hold his head up! YAY! I laid him on his tum to put some moisturiser on him after his bath and he didn't cry but held up his head! Sorry about the orange pics...I was too concerned with snapping the pics and didn't turn the heat lamp off.

Home grown footy field

My resourceful and clever hubby made a mini footy field on the weekend for the kids to play on. The clever man watered down some paint and used the air compressor to mark out a boundary and some goal squares. He's such a kid at heart, I'm sure it was as much for his pleasure as the kids!

One set of goals (plus a hole by Zack!)

Other set of goals.

Ben and Chloe building a wall in front of the goals to stop Dad getting goals!

Thursday, June 12, 2008 cute! :D

I think the flash was just a little too much!

I have been working on getting Jake to go to sleep in his cot lately, instead of falling asleep in his bouncer. Clever little man is doing really well at it, as long as the kids STAY AWAY! So after taking a lovely pic of him sitting up in his cot, I snuggled him in and left him and came back to this:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More pics of my gorg boy!

I had the most beautiful video of Jake having a chat to Daddy while the kids are away but it seems too big to post :( I'll have to work out how to make it smaller. For now these are some more pics of my boy, having a little 'nappy-free' time on his new rug Nanny made for him.

This one is a little blurry as it is close. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

THE nappy

This is the nappy I am going to make more of. Again it's not exactly pretty, made from an old towel but it does the job! It's made from the Wee Weka free nappy pattern and I'm pretty much sold on this one. It is quite long in the rise but fits beautifully when I fold the rise down which means it will (hopefully!) be a nappy to fit Jake for a long time. I have also been busy making little wipes (smaller than a facewasher...these are just TOO big at the moment) from old towels and an old flannelette blanket. These work great as the rougher towelling side is great for wiping off the poo and the flannel side is nice and smooth to finish off. I've also been making my own wipes solution from water, oil, baby bath and honey. Smells SO good and gives Jake a nice smooth bum while also helping his little eczema type problems we have. See how lovely and chubby my bub is getting? lol Makes a difference when he has a full tum! Little Jake is now almost 12 weeks old....where has the time gone?