Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jake turns 2!!!

 Yes it's come and gone. As of 7:50am this morning, my baby was officially TWO!!

It's not MY birthday, it's Judy's!!

For some unknown reason Jake is certain it's Aunty Judy's birthday and not his. So on the eve of his 2nd birthday, this is what he had to say.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A pearl from my TV viewing last night

I intermittently watch Brothers and Sisters. I like it but often forget it's on. Last night after ironing I sat to watch the end of it and amongst my tears (yes I'm a TV sook), this pearl of wisdom was heard.

"Sometimes I look at everyone and the things they have accomplished in their lives and I haven't.

And then I look at one of my kids and I know not a single day has been wasted, and what's important are the days still to come." Nora Walker - Brothers and Sisters.

So very true. I often look particularly at Facebook and all the people I grew up with and went to school with and feel a little envious that they are travelling or have built their dream homes or been successful in their careers.But what I'm doing now, where I am now was my dream. And still is my dream. Since I was young all I wanted to be was a Mum, and then a Teacher ;) But a Mum first. And it's my job to make all the days to come count, each one more than the last.


In the words of Mumma Bear.....

5 things I am greatful for

1. My gorgeous kids. They are all so clever and smart and wonderful. I am so blessed to be their Mum.

2. My wonderful hubby. We are both imperfect and that's why we are good together :)

3. My awesome family. I am so lucky and I have a wonderful support system in my whole family, and extended family. 

4. My awesome friends. IRL or online, there is always someone to listen to me whinge, or brag about the kids, lol.

5. That I AM lucky. Especially after my last post. I have a home, and  family and healthy kids. I have stuff. Stuff I probably don't need but still, I have stuff. There is always someone worse off than me :)


a bad post

Ok so this has been brewing for a while. I'm not looking for pity or sympathy or anything, I just need to get it OUT.
Things are sucky. Yes down right sucky at the moment. 

I am so over it. I'm over worrying, I'm just OVER IT!!!

Financially, we are in the shit.....again. It just never ends. And nothing has particularly happened, it's just a series of weeks and months of never really having the bills and income match up and bingo...we're done for. 
At the moment we are spending every last cent every week just keeping afloat....just. We have no outgoing calls, no money to put credit on the mobile and I'm wanting to go pre-paid on the net too but seeing as it's my only communcation tool at the moment I'm reluctant. There are so many things we are paying off it's just not funny. And each week we are breaking ourselves to pay those......and leaving yet more regular bills behind. Not to mention the massive other and extra bills we have like the lawyer and car repairs and regos.

You cannot budget when you are beginning behind.
And my biggest dramas at the moment are no tea-bags and running out of  loo paper which the kids seem to 
And to add to it, I'm almost out to tea-bags!!! Argh! Imagine that, I don't know how I'm going to survive!! Oh and loo paper, I swear the kids eat it!

Jake turns two tomorrow and while I did get him a few things already.....I couldn't get him the thing I wanted most, and I don't know when I will be able to. That breaks my heart. We haven't spent much on the kids this year for birthdays, $100 tops which I still think is quite reasonable. I know he's only two and I know he'll love the Wiggles stuff I've got him and I know he won't care...but I do.

I still haven't bought or sent my lovely SIL and nephew a pressie from a month ago :(

I've shaved and shaved and shaved the grocery bills till there's hardly anything left, and since it's been going on so long the freezer is empty, except about 20kg of sausages (don't ask!)

Anyway whinge over.

Time for the next post.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mission Complete! - Take 2

Ok, looking at that pic was really depressing me. So I tried again. I took this this morning, and I think it's better, I look less boy-ish.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Having problems with this editor.....

So I'm having trouble moving matter :) Here we have.....up the top, Ben's first athletics carnival...if you open the pic you should see him. No ribbons here.....but then again the Preppies were too scared to run fast into the finishing ribbon LOL. Next is the Feral Princess on the trampoline. Gorgeous! Jake and his Itty Bitty nappies I had on layby for 7 months *blush*, modelling the cow print nappy, gorgeous too :)

And then Chloe and Jake nursing our new little addition to the family, little X. How cute is he?? I know he looks like he's screaming but he wasn't, Chloe nursed him for ages and loved every second :)

AFM....I am off to the gym......finally!! Gotta get this gut a-moving....

Mission Complete!

Yes I hate it. BUT, it is me. And it's precisely why I try to not look into a mirror too often....can you tell??!! LOL. This is typical me. I'm a trakkies or jeans and a t-shirt Mum, my hair is curly and hard to deal with. I have freckles and a scar on my left cheek. I still get spots, and rarely ever wear make-up except face tends to eat the makeup. I have crooked front teeth. And it's me :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So....I need a new profile pic

For everything. For forums I frequent, for Facebook, and for my blog. Problem is I HATE having my photo taken, and apart from that there is very rarely a photo of me I actually like. I have nothing recent, that is decent (haha I'm a poet and I don't know it :p), so I guess my mission is to try happy snapping. I usually get away with putting up pics of the kids but I think I've gotta stop hiding. So, mission objective: to get a half decent photo of moi....wish me luck.......

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just ramblings....

So here it is a second post...whoo hoo!!

I'm too lazy right now to upload pics, so just some scratchings from me ;)

I'm loving how organised I am at the moment. Lunches packed the night before, a tidy house when we leave for school drop off, washing ready to hang out when I get home, I LOVE IT!! don't get me wrong, there is still much room for de-cluttering and dusting and scrubbing walls etc but for now I'm feeling good. I've even IRONED every night since Sunday....thats 4 TIMES! :)

Now my challenge is to keep it up, which I''m feeling very worried about. Once Ben gets off to Karate two nights a week next week and I finally drag my sorry butt back to the gym....somethings got to give right? Why aren't there just a couple more hours in the day, for me??

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh the slackness!!!

*blush* Forgive me.......I have been terribly slack. I check my blog most days to look for new posts on the blogs I follow, but never make time to post on mine.

SO much has changed! Well it feels like it. I feel like my life is changing. Ben is now a big Prep boy. At school 5 days a week and he loves it. I know I'm going to be a typical bragging Mummy but my gosh he has learnt SO much in the last 3 weeks it's incredible! I have nothing but good things to say about his teacher!! He's now able to have a really good crack at his home readers and is running at about an 80% accuracy rate per page. He's using all his cues to decode the words without being prompted...he's just flying!! It's just amazing for me to see close up...I've done all the theory, I know all the procedures etc but to see it happening within your own little one is just amazing. He makes me so very proud, and the other day at his first ever assembly, Ben and his little girl friend (read not girlfriend, but friend who is a girl ;)) G were awarded the first Principal Awards in the class.....I thought I'd burst with pride!!!

My other life changing moment is that Chloe started Kindergarten this week!!! Off she trotted yesterday morning, in her tiny dress and jacket just as big as her dress and her big bag on her back and said "Bye Mum!!" all too keenly!! :) So Chloe is now a school girl too, on Mondays and Tuesdays. She was VERY tired after though!! Chloe had a late start to the school year, mainly because the school was having a new Kindergarten built. Of course it was finished behind schedule, and Mrs B only just moved into to it last Wednesday! It's a beautiful new room, complete with all the mod cons, they are all very lucky little Kinders! So here she gorgeous does she look?? What a little Princess :)