Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a bad post

Ok so this has been brewing for a while. I'm not looking for pity or sympathy or anything, I just need to get it OUT.
Things are sucky. Yes down right sucky at the moment. 

I am so over it. I'm over worrying, I'm just OVER IT!!!

Financially, we are in the shit.....again. It just never ends. And nothing has particularly happened, it's just a series of weeks and months of never really having the bills and income match up and bingo...we're done for. 
At the moment we are spending every last cent every week just keeping afloat....just. We have no outgoing calls, no money to put credit on the mobile and I'm wanting to go pre-paid on the net too but seeing as it's my only communcation tool at the moment I'm reluctant. There are so many things we are paying off it's just not funny. And each week we are breaking ourselves to pay those......and leaving yet more regular bills behind. Not to mention the massive other and extra bills we have like the lawyer and car repairs and regos.

You cannot budget when you are beginning behind.
And my biggest dramas at the moment are no tea-bags and running out of  loo paper which the kids seem to 
And to add to it, I'm almost out to tea-bags!!! Argh! Imagine that, I don't know how I'm going to survive!! Oh and loo paper, I swear the kids eat it!

Jake turns two tomorrow and while I did get him a few things already.....I couldn't get him the thing I wanted most, and I don't know when I will be able to. That breaks my heart. We haven't spent much on the kids this year for birthdays, $100 tops which I still think is quite reasonable. I know he's only two and I know he'll love the Wiggles stuff I've got him and I know he won't care...but I do.

I still haven't bought or sent my lovely SIL and nephew a pressie from a month ago :(

I've shaved and shaved and shaved the grocery bills till there's hardly anything left, and since it's been going on so long the freezer is empty, except about 20kg of sausages (don't ask!)

Anyway whinge over.

Time for the next post.


Seventh Heaven Creations said...

MyBudget Hunny.
Please please please give them another call.

I just want to reach out and hug you and make it all go away!


Bec said...

I have Kell :) But I can't call ATM, and am waiting on them to call me again. Thankyou. But I said no sympathy and no pity!! xxx

Cat J B said...

Ah, that does sound somewhat sucky Bec, I hope it looks up soon.

Incidentally, my little one is turning 2 tomorrow as well, hope your 2 year old gives you lots of joy tomorrow.


Bec said...

oh really??? happy birthday to your little one for tomorrow :) I know mine will give me lots of joy as he always does :)

Lulu said...

omg, I feel your pain I really do. What craps me off to the sky is reading budget tips like"cut down your magazine subscriptions" oh fuck me.....

to make you feel better I had my phone cut off last week and my exH had paid that and my car rego. Embarrassed much?

Kicking chairs for you xoxoxo

Bec said...

does make me feel better Lulu :) thanks, my mummy paid my rego last week *blush*.

I love in all the magazines and supermarket advertising that a budget meal is at $5 a serve. WTF?? Who are they kidding! For me budget is $5 for the whole meal!! LOL

MadMel said...

hugs hunni!

You know I am right there with you.

Money sucks!