Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just ramblings....

So here it is a second post...whoo hoo!!

I'm too lazy right now to upload pics, so just some scratchings from me ;)

I'm loving how organised I am at the moment. Lunches packed the night before, a tidy house when we leave for school drop off, washing ready to hang out when I get home, I LOVE IT!! don't get me wrong, there is still much room for de-cluttering and dusting and scrubbing walls etc but for now I'm feeling good. I've even IRONED every night since Sunday....thats 4 TIMES! :)

Now my challenge is to keep it up, which I''m feeling very worried about. Once Ben gets off to Karate two nights a week next week and I finally drag my sorry butt back to the gym....somethings got to give right? Why aren't there just a couple more hours in the day, for me??

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Cat J B said...

The gym? What's that? One day I will get back to it I'm sure, I used to be such a regular, boohoo!