Sunday, May 25, 2008

And the second has made it......

I'm so slack on this took me a week to get back here. I've got some nappy shots, so bear with me!

My first homemade nappy turned out ok, as you know but it kinda fell apart in the wash *blush*. I guess that's what you get when you use flanelette that's already pretty worn out! As it was based on a Pookey Pockets Quickdry Newborn I took some pics of these also so you get the idea. These nappies are fitteds, with no snaps or hook and loop, so they are Snappied. They still need a waterproof cover over the top ;)

And here is my nappy over the top of one of the Pookey Pockets. Not a bad job if I say so myself!

You can see in the first pic that the flannelette frayed away from the edge in one spot. So DD's 'baby' doll has inherited this nappy. But that's ok, onwards and upwards! I cut out another nappy the other night, this time from old jammies that aren't quite so thin! So we'll see how that one goes once I get a chance to sew it. I need to get onto it though as Jake has hit the 5kg mark at 10 weeks old and these cute little numbers really don't fit so well anymore. I'm so glad I have my stash of prefolds to fall back on, and I have 6 small size covers of various brands which are only really just starting to fit and get a good seal now. So my tip here would be, definitely make sure you have prefolds in your stash somewhere, they really are handy!

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