Sunday, August 24, 2008


No pics this time guys, sorry. Just my thoughts.

Having a few problems with Benji lately. Something seems to be worrying him I just have no idea what. He's bursting into tears for nothing, is worrying about silly little things and is just REALLY out of character. I dunno what it is but it breaks my heart to see him like it. So sad and scared for no apparent reason. *sigh* What do I do?

We all got together yesterday at Mum's to clean out her garage so Hayley has room to put her crap when she moves back down in a few weeks. It was interesting to say the least! Mark found his lovely bone collection (which also included a lambs tail and some other type of tail!), Hayley found some toys she couldn't part with and I......I found some of my old High School letters. LOL, what a crack up! I even found some from a special friend who was in N.Z at the time......;) and I also found the ones DH used to send me all those years ago. Including THE letter, the break up letter he once sent me. Didn't work too well obviously! I'll be keeping that one for future reference, lol.

Got some lovely Itty Bitty's in the mail Friday, so beautiful. Will have to take pics and post them. They are seconds, but I haven't worked out why yet. Point is they are so lush I could just stroke Jake's butt all day! :D

What else.......umm.....oh I've been trying to knit too! All inspired by Robbo, mind you I've got a looooong way to go before I can do anything recognisable! I've managed about 15 rows of 5 stitches so far, not intended to be anything, just an experiment to see if I can not drop the stitches. So far so good. :P

I have a friend in the hospital at the moment having a baby. Well I hope so!! :) She was being induced yesterday here's hoping it's soon!



Hayley said...

Awwww....poor little Ben, hope he is OK. They all go through little phases and you cant help but worry. Do you think its the new baby thing or something more?

Glad I have inspired you to knit, I really like it but I am very slow and steady and if I drop a stitch I cant fix it, lol.

YAY for litti bitti fluff....Sue is super picky (in a good way, lol) so seconds are sometimes impossible to tell, which is great for those bargains! I love itti bitti.

My girlfriend from high school had a 10lb3oz baby boy yesterday!! He had a 38.5cm head!!!!! Cant wait to see him.

Hope all is good, gotta take Ari to the Drs for a check up now.


Bec said...

thanks Hayley. i think I've laid too much responsibility on him as the eldest. Poor little man is worried out of his head.

You amaze me Hayley the amount of creative stuff you have time for! Cos i don't!

and itti bitti....yes...I am quite obsessed now, lol.

That's a huge bubba!! I'm going visiting a little 8lb1oz bubba tomorrow, so clucky already, LOL.