Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank god the day is nearly over.....

Had an interesting day today. All was going ok, had a not-so-pleasant check up for my IUD, and headed into the hospital for some baby love from Noah and his Mummy. He is the cutest baby ever!! Had a lovely visit (forgot photos sorry!), got very clucky again, saw my wonderful Lactation Consultant and gave her a little thankyou card. Jake and i got back into the car and about 200m down the road, BAM!! I get into an accident. Nothing serious, just paint and dents but dammit!! And it turned out to be my fault. I was in the wrong lane.

Luckily yesterday was tons better, I got to catch up with Rae and Essie at Rae's new house. It was a really lovely place, I was very envious! ;) Toby is almost 2, and little Minol is looking fabulous after his surgery. He and Jake are so oblivious to one another, it's so funny! The kids LOVE Rae's cooking and Chloe ate up all her yummy lasagne for lunch and then we all tucked into some awesome Hedgehog slice. YUM! Ben and Chloe love it when they know Rae is doing sweets! I've got some pics of little Minol and Jake, they aren't great ones but you can see the boyz :P

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Essie said...

And you can see what a buddah Minol is compared to cute little Jake! Hehe. Sorry to hear about your crappy day... how sucky!