Sunday, August 31, 2008

GNDNH starts tomorrow!!

Wooo!! I'm so excited! The Great Down Under Nappy Hunt starts tomorrow and it's my first hunt, I can't wait. The idea is to follow a list of online nappy stores and find the nappy icon on each site. There are prizes to be won and also of course the opportunity to visit many sites I would never have otherwise come across (bring on the I'm very excited.....eeeek!

today is a gorgeous sunny day, it's so warm I have the back door wide open. the kids are outside helping Daddy load up some stuff on to the ute to take to the tip and Jake is in bed so I'm on a mission to start clearing out the crap or so to speak. The house is is desperate need of a massive spring clean, there is just so much clutter. I've done Chloe's and mine clothes, now I'm onto toy boxes in preparation for the Christmas/Birthday onslaught. I've made the decision to be totally ruthless, no point keeping that toy we bought for Ben's 1st birthday that is now broken ;). Lotsa baby clothes to go too, they are so outdated and most were hand-me-downs to Ben.

Ok I'm off....wish me luck!


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