Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring.....

Ben on Nanny's front lawn

Jake desperately chewing on Ben's Geelong drink bottle.

yes it is....absolutely bucketing down. A great day to just sit in front of the fire and read a book with a good glass of red.....LOL, not in this house! It's pretty quiet so far, kids are at daycare and Jake is in bed. So I thought I'd blog a couple of photos. Sarah took these at Mum's the other weekend. She has a lovely camera...I really need to work on a new one myself, ours is just too old now.

The GDUNH has started and boy is it frustrating! I'm so tempted to spend all day nappy hunting but I won't. It's so tempting to buy so much too, but truth is Jake doesn't need any nappies at the moment. I'm liking AIO's at the moment, so I'm looking into more of those, but I'm looking for OSFM AIO's so I'm only buying them once, and not again when he grows out of them.

Not much else to report I don't think, same old, same old here. Better go get on with cleaning up while i can.


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