Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh the disappointment.......


Yesterday was the Grand Final and we were all geared up and ready to watch Geelong win a back-to-back premiership. Hmm.....didn't happen.

BUT, the kids had a great morning, they were very excited. We had painted posters during the week which they stuck up in the front windows and put streamers on the front fence. The boys dressed in their Geelong gear while Chloe just dressed up pretty ;)

I feel like banging my head on a brick wall, i just got a call from the Primary School i did my internship at asking me if I was available for relief. This is the second time they've called and I've had to say no :( I haven't even done my Teacher's Registration because I know I wouldn't have anyone to look after the kids and I can't be 'on-call'. I'm not sure if I could leave Jake for a whole day either, with breast feeding I would find it hard to express enough to leave him for a day, and I don't plan to wean him until 12 months. I feel torn because I am enjoying being at home with Jake and the kids (I went back to work by the time Ben and Chloe were 4 months old) but times like this i am reminded of how much I am looking forward to finally getting into teaching. I should just be very grateful I can be at home and enjoy my time here because it will go by so fast. :)

Starting to really think about and tick over how we can go about getting ourselves a house.....not sure about the how though, lol. Our chances of saving a deposit are very slim. I know we would struggle but I also feel that we could do it, and if we don't bite the bullet soon I'm worried another boom will hit and it will be out of reach then.

We'll see what happens and comes up :)

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