Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New blogs

So I've finally updated my blogs I read's taken me a while.

I love catching up on blogs, some are entertaining, some are just so interesting, some are so cute and some are educational.

These are two of my newbies that you should check out: Making Cents at Home and Towards Sustainability. For some reason I can't link them but you can find them in my blog list on the side.

We've been getting more fluffy mail,I need to upload pics. I have some coming 2nd hand from the lovely Mel (bargain!!) and some more on layby (2nds....super cheap!! lol) but then that's it. I'm all done....until next time *insert evil laugh* (hubby won't let me :( ).

I was so chuffed to see Chloe and Jake breastfeeding their 'babies' the other day, even though it's been 6 months since I have BF Jake. I was so pleased to see that neither of them had forgotten and it warmed my heart that they now have it as their normal baby experience.

Hubby gets signed off his apprenticeship early in a couple of weeks. It's exciting news, but I'm worried. It means him working as a contractor which = being responsible for business-y stuff like GST and ABN's and tax and superannuation............eeeeeeeeek!!! Although it's so good that the four years of crappy apprenticeship wages are almost at an end!!

What else is news?? Umm.....well I've had some family return home from the mainland which has been really nice. My cousin has come home to test the waters in Tassie on her own and is living with Mum. And Dad and my Step-Mum have returned home from Darwin after almost 5 years. It's been strange to see my cousin as a grown up woman, and she's grown up beautifully. It's nice having Dad and Step-Mum so close, the kids are getting time to warm to them and it's so nice to see.

The GDUNH is on again but I just can't get into it yet.....not saying I won't.....but I just haven't yet. It's no fun when you know you can't buy!! lol

Kids have their first day of FDC tomorrow. They are all going as Ben is on school holidays and seeing as I have to pay for his spot anyway. I'm so very worried about Jake, it's his first day with anyone other than Aunty J or my Mum. Although i'm trying to take comfort in the fact that hopefully with the other kids being with him he'll feel a bit better. Pffft....who am I kidding, I'll bet he has a blast and doesn't even miss me!!



Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow Bec leaving your babies with someone else is always hard at the start.
I'm guessing in a few weeks they wont want to come home at the end of the day.
Where are you working ?

Bec said...

Ahh they love it, or course!!

I'm just doing relief, I finally have my first two days next week and I'm very nervous!!