Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am a slacker.....

But hear me out. I had a CRAZY week last week!!

It all started with me finally deciding to sign into MySpace, only to find a message from my cousin. This was a total blow out as my family haven't heard from my Uncle or cousins for years. So I replied and we've all gotten back in touch again which is so lovely :) It was all very exciting while it was happening, first we found them all on MySpace, then facebook!! Yay for the internet world!! So it's been fantastic to hear that they are all well and happy :) Sad news is my Aunty passed away earlier this year, which was a terrible thing to learn, but they are all pulling together and coping really well which is nice to hear. I can't believe how much my cousins have all grown up, it's scary!! I know I'm getting older but I don't think of them as getting older too. They are all growing into fine young people :)

Although hubby is away for work at the moment I have been busy meeting with mortgage brokers and banks to see what our position is towards buying our first home. It seems with a little help we will be able to, which is VERY exciting, but it's just a matter of finding something we can afford....which is not so exciting. It's hard! So almost two weeks in I'm over house hunting already.

We have had a trip to the ER one night with Jake. Luckily Hayley was staying with us that night so I could leave the kids with her. All is ok, just croup which resulted in Jake being unable to breathe properly. Of course he perked up in the hospital. You can never be too careful when they are little though. Oh and I got sick myself last week, tummy bug. First time in ages. Luckily it was Show Day here so Mum came down and took care of us all. :) Gotta love my Mum!

And finally, my baby is still growing too fast :( He is 7 months now and is pulling himself up to standing on everything. Here are some pics, just cos I can ;)

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missymoo84 said...

he is so so so cute! Gee he is getting old haha goes so fast doesn't it. I am glad he is ok. Croup is scary :(