Thursday, October 9, 2008


I think (after almost 7 months!) Jake may be allergic to his microfleece liners in his nappies. I use these as they help keep the nappies a little cleaner and they act as a stay-dry liner by soaking the moisture through to the cloth below leaving his bott all nice and dry. BUT he seems to constantly get these sores (only one at a time) on his manhood. I thought maybe it was rubbing but after putting a thread out on Nappycino it seems this happens to others and it is most likely a reaction to the microfleece. Now they never seem to worry him at all or get infected but for the sake of hygiene and aesthetics we won't be using these anymore. Two days in sposies sees it all cleared up. I do have some bamboo velour single boosters which I picked up cheaply ages ago on clearance so i'll use those as liners and see how we go. :) Being natural fibres they shouldn't irritate him.

Hubby is off to the coast for work next week. Home on weekends, but this will be for probably a month. Should be ok as i'm not pregnant this time but Ben will test me! That child has just had a two hour tantie over picking up some stuff he tipped out.....he THINKS he's gotten out of it but he WILL be doing it before the day is over!

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missymoo84 said...

aww poor thing! It's horrible isn't it. I just use the mini boosters from BBH/BBB and the small boosters from the CTBD for liners that way I don't have to not use the ones he is allergic too. It is great when you can pin point the problem though.