Thursday, November 6, 2008


So.....I am pleased to have a diagnoses of Jake's 'down-there' problem. And he's not allergic, YAY!

After having antibiotic cream and then oral antibiotics, nothing had changed. The Dr thought it was an infection. BUT after getting a second opinion from a male Dr (who I suspect was little more sypathetic, lol) it seems Jake has Phimoses....which means his foreskin is too tight, resulting in redness and infection :( Poor little man. So we have been referred to the Royal and are waiting on an appointment. Dr seems to think it is likely it will be recommended he is circumscised, which seems to make sense. I've heard of steroid creams but in a way I'd be glad to just get him done so it's not a problem anymore for sure. It will be so nice to not see him like that and to occasionally have to feel his foreskin off the nappy......OUCH!

So hooray for no allergies. Not looking forward to an op still but if it's for the best I'll have to get over it :) Better now than later right?


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missymoo84 said...

You must be so relieved!! Poor bub! Glad you got answers :)