Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wombat Stew

MMMMmmmmmm! Ben and Chloe made some "Wombat Stew" outside today and here are some pics of Jake enjoying that stew. And no Hayley, I didn't actually let him eat it :P (Not you Robbo ;) )Oh I should add too this was AFTER he'd already dumped his hat into it.

See the bike basket? This is what he was putting all the floaties into, lol.


missymoo84 said...

yay yummo! Isn't it great watching them play in the dirt... I mean wombat stew!

Essie said...

Ooooh Bec, I can´t wait to get these boys together again. They are getting so big and INTO everything hey! Jake is such a cutie pie! I´m having a great time but looking forward to seeing you all again! Big KISSES, hope you have a wonderful christmas and congratulations on the house!