Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Avatar

I think I've figured out how to 'steal' my Avatar off BellyBelly :) BellyBelly is an online forum I've been a part of for a long time now, and paid members get their own Avatar. I've just had mine redesigned to include Jake as an older baby and I love it :) I love how smokin' I look, LOL :D

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Katrina said...

hmm bellybelly - might have to check that one out ;)

Copied and pasted this from the reply to your comment on my blog ;)

"LOL not a stalker at all :P I know the excitement of finding a fellow cloth nappier ;) Nathan knows Daniel (and the rest of the family - our parents/in laws seem to live on each others doorsteps at times!!)

Have just stalked you on your blog too hehehe Our little Dom has phimosis as well - seeing his paed tomorrow to see if the steroid treatment has worked - otherwise surgery :( Will be interesting to compare our journeys!!"