Wednesday, December 17, 2008

HBC and tedious vacuuming

So, I gave back Mel's MeiTai on Monday but not before I got in a go at a High Back Carry (HBC). I'd never managed to get Jake that high before and it was heaps more comfy. Yes, I look like cr@p, had a terrible night beforehand.

And here is a picture Ben took of Jake while I was vacuuming. He does this the whole way around the house, and for anyone who has been to my house, it's a BIG house. It takes FOREVER. If I pull the vacuum too hard, too far, too fast he falls over. The other kids were frightened of the vacuum but not Jake.

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missymoo84 said...

I have used it everyday since getting it back too lol I love the high back carry, so does Ash, he can see!
Gosh he is too cute! Can't wait till the next play date :)