Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My cups!!!

I must seem crazy I know but they finally arrived!! I HATE the sippy cup Jake has had, it has the most disgusting valve inside that is impossible to clean, and everywhere I look cups always have the same ones!! When the kids were little they had Playtex cups which back then I bought from the Chemist. They had the BEST valves, just clear latex that you could CLEAN. I did some googling and searching in shops and I couldn't find them anywhere except New Jersey. So I paid the money and got them sent over and they finally arrived! I'm so pleased I can feel good about giving him a fresh CLEAN drink. Now I've posted this I'm sure someone will tell me I can buy them here....LOL.


Rebecca said...

Woolies sell something similar. I will run away now LOL

Cat J B said...

I've got some older ones of these, and they ARE great! Easiest things to clean, bpa free and largely indestructible too!

Bec said...

Woolies?? Really?? they LOOK the same style etc on the outside but I'm sure the Woolies ones have the evil awful disgusting uncleanable valves!!