Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Maz-a-licious fluff

I've had these on layby for a couple of weeks, Jake needed too go up a size in covers and I knew Maz was having a stocking so I held out for it ;) So glad I did cos I splashed out and got this Cow set. the Motorbike minkee cover was a custom spot, Ben chose what to have. Oh and a photo of the cheeky boy in his gear doing his new favourite 'trick' that Mummy hates!!


missymoo84 said...

omg I so wanted that! I wondered who got it. Your forgiven because it looks super cute on him :P

Kell said...

FLUFF! And Maz-A-Licious Fluff at that! How absolutely adorable!
You realise you have now made me an addict don't you?
Tsk Tsk.


Bec said...

mwuhahaha Kell!! all part of my evil plan ;)

Bec said...

I thought I told you I nabbed that set Mel?? I would pass it on but you might have to wait for #4 :P