Monday, January 19, 2009


We had a lovely Christmas. We spent it at Sheffield this year and it was so nice to just stay in one place the whole day and not have to pack up and go anywhere. It was beautiful weather and we ate on the deck outside. Kids got spoilt :) Santa bought Ben and Chloe a camera each and seeing as I didn't get any pictures myself I'm going to use theirs. Their cameras are kiddy ones so the resolution isn't fantastic and neither is their steadiness :)

Pa and Jake, Christmas morning.

Aunty Naomi and Chloe.

Ben doing woodwork under the table on the deck.

Jake sitting with Aunty Naomi amidst all the commotion :)

Ben peeking out of Jake's house given to him by Santa.

To be honest I think the kids do a pretty good job to taking photos. Some of them are a little blurry and over exposed from being too close to the flash but not too bad for their age!

While we were there we nicked over to Uncle Stephen and Aunty Ange's to have a look at their Nursery which will be in use in about 4 weeks!!! :D It's so gorgeous, all repainted and decorated with Winnie The Pooh stuff. I think the kids were blown away by the toy stash that was in the wardrobe though, lol. Lucky little buggers got to test out a few of bubby Lucas' toys before he even arrives! The toy testers agree that they are in good working order for him though ;)

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