Thursday, January 8, 2009

And it all goes belly up.......

Grrrrrr I am SO angry and upset at the moment.

In short the house fell through. Well our finance did. I have no idea how we got from "You've been conditionally approved, just gotta get the paperwork and sign" to nothing. Basically the bank cocked-up and didn't keep us informed, kept putting in applications that were wrong (unbeknownst to us) and ended up with a loan that could be approved but we couldn't provide the paperwork for.

If they'd kept us in the loop all the time it wouldn't have gotten so far. ARGH!!!!

So my advice to anyone looking to buy, harrass your bank/lender until you have something in writing from them. Our biggest mistake was taking the Mobile Lender's word for things when in reality the facts and figures were different. We went from a fairly informal meeting at home with a Mobile Lender to them putting in our application for a Home Loan. BIG MISTAKE. We should have met with them again before they submitted our application.

Live and learn I guess.

Really peeved and angry and annoyed that all our plans have gone down the drain, I'd love to blame somebody......anybody......but I guess there is no one person to blame. Reality is we need to get our butts into gear and get organised financially otherwise we will never own our own home.

I keep hearing that it's all for a reason and that something better will come along, and I know that it will. But it doesn't help much right now either. For now the dream has been crushed and only time will repair it I guess. Time to wallow in some self pity before picking up and moving on.

Oh.....Happy New Year too :) will post Christmas and Ben's B'day piccies next week.



Katrina said...

Oh No!!! How disappointing for you all. Hopefully something will come up in the near future that will work out ;)

missymoo84 said...

How disapointing sweety :( These things happen for a reason, you just weren't meant to move into the haunted house. Something will come up.