Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick catch up

Ok so now I’ve got that sorted I should give you a run down of what’s been happening!

We moved, we arrived and are all settled J I have to say I am enjoying being closer to shops and other stuff but I do miss the ‘Ville too. Kids seem happy, Ben is really happy at school. Not that he was even unhappy at his old school but he just fits in really well at his new school and has worked his way into a very tight knit group of lovely kids so I’m pleased with that. Of course he’s doing well at school he loves that he gets to do Music, and his Auskick coach up here was just fantastic!! He had his last Auskick Friday night and then a sausage sizzle and medals after.

Kids are back into swimming, Chloe however decided she didn’t want to do dancing again. We’ve been going to Playgroup on Mel’s recommendation and it’s fantastic! So many great activities the kids really enjoy. Then Chloe does Pre-Kinder on a Wednesday which is really great as Mum has time off to watch the boys so for a morning I get to spend some time with Chloe alone.

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MadMel said...

aww he looks so proud! Well done Ben!! Glad your liking playgroup!