Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well I haven't blogged about much good lately, there hasn't been anything good to blog about.

We are moving this weekend, we have to move closer to hubbys work for reasons most people know about.

I'm so sad to leave this house, I love it. I love living in this area, I have friends and Ben has a lovely school.

On the bright side though we are going to be much closer to everything, closer to my old friends around town and with a lot of help from Rae Ben is going to Lindisfarne Primary, which I'm happy about.

So much happening, whether I plug in or not so I'm just trying to get on with all the practical stuff and not think too much about all the other crap that is happening. Bit like being on auto pilot.

We are very lucky and have a ton of support from family who are making our move possible and I would be lost without. xxx

So things are happening, life is hard but we'll get there :)


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MadMel said...

oh don't ya just LOVE those days... not!
Well I wont worry about sending those shorts to you then lol Glad you got the house! How exciting!!