Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sheffield Stay

Hubby had holidays over the Christmas break so seeing as we'd made the trip to Sheffield anyway we stayed for a few extra days. Ben had seen adverts on TV for Tazmazia and the town of Lower Crackpot, which is just outside of Sheffield in the Promised Land (yes it's a REAL place name :)), and wanted to go. Hubby and I had been years ago but we didn't get far as it started to rain which really dampened the whole experience, literally. So we headed out to the Promised Land with Nanny and Pa in tow :) Some of the photos are less than flattering but add to the context ;) Oh and on some of the photos you might need to open them to read the writing on the signs.

This time around it had changed heaps. All through the main maze were all these little signposts with witty sayings on them. They were fun to read but also let you know when you'd already been somewhere!

Also in the maze are smaller mazes, and little extras like a treasure chest, styes to climb over, holes in the bushes and doors. Another fun little twist to come across was the Crackpot Correction Centre and a little area called Cubby Town full of witty little cubby houses.

On the far side of the main maze is the town of Lower Crackpot, which is a town built to 1/5th scale and is quite funny.

We mananged to complete a couple of the mazes but the kids ran out of steam and patience so we called it a day. It was great fun though, excellent for the kiddies!

While we were in Sheffield we got to spend time seeing friends which was really nice. The kids have a ball playing together and I get to have a face-to-face chat instead of a phone chat :) Hubby was put to work doing some bale carting which I think he actually really enjoyed. He is a hard worker anyway but I think he really enjoyed spending some time helping out a mate.

Jake really took off with his walking while we were there, he was walking more and crawling less, it was really good for him to do that while Nanny and Pa and everyone got the chance to see him do it.

I'll post the pics of Lower Crackpot tomorrow, it's taken me ages to get these ones up :)


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